About us

Hostgreen is a private capital technology company from Malaga specialized in the implementation of solutions based on Free Software. We know business processes very well and we seek the application of these "Open Source" technologies to the current needs that our clients pose to us in their business, we try to obtain answers to the current market needs.


It is made up of Computer Engineers with a lot of experience in the ICT sector with a vision focused on Business, Innovation and the development of customized solutions supported by Free Software.

Hostgreen's solutions are supported by the best Free Software projects, serving different needs such as Electronic Commerce, sales process management (CRM), management of the company's business processes, document management, and other ICT solutions supported by these.

We manage a wide portfolio of free software solutions ready to meet the needs of both private sector companies and other public organizations. Our objective is not only to implement technology but to provide consulting in the continuous improvement process of organizations and improve the company's strategies thanks to the implementation of technology.

At Hostgreen we think that behind every new need, behind every new problem, there is a challenge and an opportunity to innovate together with our clients and partners. Technology is not an end, it is the means with which to innovate and improve the business processes of our clients, we go beyond their requirements, exploring their authentic needs with total predisposition towards the search for solutions, which allows us offer an appropriate response, often imaginative and always honest. Our clients' challenges are our challenges and they test our ability to innovate in finding the appropriate Free Software ICT solution.

Our values

Our human team is supported by solid values, we have a total commitment in everything we do to achieve the success of our clients. Our goal is to help our clients reach the top through our support and alliance, technology.

We are very responsible with everything we commit to and we give ourselves with great enthusiasm and dedication to each new project in which we embark, we always seek to overcome all the difficulties and possible problems that may arise throughout the project, always with a goal of achieving Excellent results. We provide total transparency in the information about the evolution of the project and the control of the tools and services that we implement for our clients.

We are totally honest in charging our fees for the services provided, always trying to give a fair and deserved price for our efforts. With our clients we seek alliances, technologies with strong dialogue and teamwork that allow us to establish relationships designed for the long term. We always seek to have correct and respectful relationships between people, in this sense we are tolerant and flexible in the face of changes and unforeseen situations with the evolution of our projects with our clients.


- We select the best talent in our HR processes

- All problems have solutions; our challenge is to find it


- The client knows what they need and we know how to provide it through experience and technological expertise, relying on Free Software platforms.

- Our ultimate goal is to meet all the technological expectations raised by our clients


- We do not wait for someone else to solve problems; We assume responsibilities beyond our functions, we are a committed part of our clients' work team

- Effort and dedication are necessary for the development of talent and the fulfillment of objectives


- The success of the team is above individual brilliance within our organization

- We are always willing to help a colleague to achieve our common goals


- We promote the initiative of all company staff when proposing the best solutions and innovative ideas to meet the needs of our clients.


- We never go back on our word

- We do not tolerate disrespectful treatment of others

Our experience

Hostgreen began its career as a company at the beginning of 2005, although the project had already been operating since May 2002. Although at the beginning we were a reliable hosting provider for our clients' applications, soon the company's strategy has focused on the implementation and hosting technological solutions based on Free Software that have a clear contribution of value to our clients' Organizations. Our total customer orientation leads us to seek to maximize success through excellence in the execution of the projects we embark on.

We have professional experience since 1998 within the Information Technology and Internet sector. We have technical and human resources appropriate to our activity, currently having offices in Malaga.

Hostgreen has extensive experience in the implementation and training of ICT solutions based on Free Software (Openbravo POS POS, E-Commerce, web positioning in search engines, self-managed web, ERP and CRM solutions with Openbravo ERP and VTiger CRM). We have implemented ICT solutions based on Free Software in retail trade and a strong penetration in Malaga SMEs after participating in projects such as the Novapyme program of the Government of Andalusia where it assisted approximately 1,000 Malaga companies.

Currently, the company has Collaboration Agreements with: