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    0.- Módulo de Inmuebles

Gestión de base de datos de inmuebles. Gestión de las imágenes del inmueble, ficha completa del inmueble. Gestión de visitas comerciales asociadas al inmueble.

La actividad inmobiliaria puede ser gestionada a través de las funciones con las que cuenta nuestra adaptación del crm Inmobiliario. Se cuenta con un módulo de inmuebles para registrar toda la oferta inmobiliaria. A los inmuebles se les registran visitas para presentar los mismos a los contactos o precontactos. A cada inmueble se le pueden agregar sucesivas imágenes para la publicación posterior de las mismas en los portales inmobiliarios.

A través de un servicio de cruce de oferta y demanda se pueden consultar cuales son los contactos o precontactos que encajan con el inmueble dentro de la base de datos y a partir de las preferencias de compra de cada uno de esos contactos o precontactos.

A partir del precontacto o contacto se puede acceder a la consulta de cruce de oferta y demanda para consultar el conjunto de inmuebles que encajan con el mismo.

Gestión de las visitas al inmueble por parte de los contactos y precontactos, registro en el calendario de las visitas comerciales y en la ficha del inmueble y del contacto.

Gestión de la base de datos de imágenes asociadas al inmueble, visualización de la misma en la ficha del inmueble.

Exportación a PDF de la ficha del inmueble del inmueble para ser remitido a clientes o impreso para carteleria.

A través de un XML de exportación se puede sacar hacia los terceros portales toda la información inmobiliaria lista para ser publicada.

¤     1.- Pre Contacts Module

Join a database of potential people who can do business with us. At pre-contacts we can associate them Tasks and Events sales calls with the Calendar.

¤     2.- Campaigns Module

Join the set of commercial campaigns that want to manage from the CRM. A commercial campaign you can add N Contacts records, Precontacts, or Accounts. As a result of a campaign you have M logs generated new business opportunities. We can automatically send personalized emails one by one all contacts associated with the campaign and measure the openings of emails that have been produced by the contacts.

¤     3.- Calendar Module

Viewing on a Google Calendar for all events and dates that occur in the system. Registration of trade visits, birthday contacts, to-dos, maturity of opportunities, due invoices, project start, start-up.

¤     4.- Tasks / Events Module

Since a contact, pre-contact or account you can create a record of Task or Event that allows control within the calendar date of completion of the same, also is recorded and linked within the contact tab.

¤     5.- Opportunities Module

Join all those business opportunities identified with accounts or contacts. Once converted the precontact the program gives the option of creating a business opportunity with the account / contact created.

¤     6.- Accounts module (Clients)

Join the joint ventures (Clients) to which we can issue them budgets, sales orders or invoices. Similarly associating business opportunities to manage them.

¤     7.- Contacts Module

Records dating people working in each of their accounts, all contact must be related to the account connected to the company you work for. The contacts data are email, phone, specific direction thereof and which may be different to your Account associated.

¤     8.- Budgets Module

Join budgets to be broadcast to each Account. Given a budget consists of N lines of products / services to budget. Every budget can be printed to PDF, can be associated with a business opportunity and has a date of issuance thereof. Budgets can go through different states (created, pending, accepted). Every budget can be generated from a copy of the Sales Order or a copy of the corresponding invoice (check it).

¤     9.- Sales Module

Join the set of confirmed orders with customers. All Sales Order can have an associated budget which is generated from invoice. A Sales Order has N products / services on which is processed.

¤     10.- Invoices Module

Join the set of bills, sales to Customers (Accounts). Any bill may be associated with a Quote, Order or initial Albaran generated from it.

¤     11.- Suppliers Module

Join the database of providers who have to issue purchase orders to the same.

¤     12.- Purchase Order Module

Join the set of Requests for Shopping, Bills of Entry, Purchase Invoices that are made to suppliers. Any purchase order is associated with a provider and has a record date. The order has N products / associated services. Within the purchase order when we made it we can choose as product price to the price of a special rate shopping.

¤     13.- Projects Module

Join the set of ongoing projects that the company has. Every project is related to an account. Projects have data such as project status or start date and end date of project.

¤     14.- Activities Module

Join the set of activities reflecting project details. All activity is associated with a project. The activities have a start date and an end date. The project can be online planed thereof within section details the project.

¤     15.- Trouble Module

Join the set of aftermarket incidents with customers, their Accounts or Contacts. Given an incidence that passes through different states (pending, in progress, resolved). Incidents can be automatically opened in vTiger for a client to send email or by a high from the customer portal module.

¤     16.- Products / Service Module

Logs all products and services, with their sales prices, different rates of sales, via applicable stock available. Services are special products which do not have stock. There is possibility to sort by product family. All products are visible when budgeting, sales orders, invoices, purchase orders.

¤     17.- Documents Module

Manages documents that may be associated with Accounts, Contacts, Precontacts, Opportunities, Quotes, Invoices and other major modules. Can be structured in folders throughout this document management. You can attach these documents in the process of sending emails from the tool itself.